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Wind energy is another main source of renewable energy after solar power as it is also found in abundance in most of the countries. Many countries have taken a step further with the installation of the wind turbines to generate power through this cleanest source of energy. However, the Spanish Company has come with a newer invention of the vortices or the bladeless wind turbines. This means that the companies no longer have to be dependent upon the huge windmills with 100 feet of the Pinwheels rotating along the highways or the waterways.

Sneak Peek into the Wind Turbine Future

The Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish Company that has introduced advanced wind turbines that generate electricity without the rotation of its blades. The wind energy is produced when the wind hits against the vortex. It is designed like a cone with its motor at the bottom of the turbine instead of the top. This is made of the fiberglass and the carbon fiber that helps in improving the sturdiness.

Moreover, the engineers from the company have focused on the spinning of the vortex when wind passes through this obstruction. For achieving the great performance, the swirls have to work in compliance. The boost is provided to this ultimate wind turbine design by the ring of magnets that are placed at the base of its cone. The future wind turbines spin radically instead of rotating with the help of the aerodynamic effect popularly known as vorticity.

Advantages of the Bladeless Wind Turbines

Few of the researchers saw the vorticity as a danger but the engineers from the Vortex Bladeless found this as an opportunity. They used it for deriving the electricity through the spinning of the wind turbines. Few advantages of this innovative wind turbine are:

  • The vortex enabled wind turbines are cheaper to manufacture.
  • The maintenance prices of these wind turbines are also lower as compared to the traditional windmills. These turbines do not have any mechanized moving parts so the need for replacement of bolts and oiling is not required.
  • These turbines are safe for the birds to fly around them, as they are completely silent.
  • The engineers from the Vortex Bladeless claims that their turbines can fit with any kind of wind speed because of the rings of magnets attached to its bottom.
  • This will also help in drastically reducing the cost of the power that is generated with the help of the wind turbines. According to few reports, the Vortex wind turbines are going to make the electricity cheaper by nearly 40% as compared to traditional windmills with blades.

Finally, it can be seen that the modern inventions are possibly replacing the older methods of generating electricity by using the renewable-energy sources. The modernized wind turbine without the rotation of blades is going to cut the production and maintenance cost. As a result, this will make the power generation cheaper and people can afford it without paying any extra bucks.