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The renewable energy has already made its way across the globe because of it being a non-pollutant and readily available. Many countries have chosen to be the part of the green wave and supporting the use of solar, wind, hydro energy. The Solar Energy has been the forerunner as it is available in abundance. Most of the companies have invested in the solar panels and the solar power plants that will generate electricity.

Even the government of India is supporting this initiative by lowering down GST on the solar panels and photovoltaic cells. With the advancement in technology, now India will stand amongst the countries that will deliver solar fuels or “Sunshine” to other nations. Here are some of the top points related to this aspect:

Introduction of Modern Technology

Until now, the availabilities of the solar panels and PVs were seen as the game changer for the generation of electricity and other usages. However, the Indian experts have come across the technology that will help in the conversion of the sunlight into the solar fuel. It involves:

  • Exposure of water molecules to sunlight and separation of hydrogen and oxygen atoms
  • Combine hydrogen with carbon dioxide for the creation of liquid fuels.
  • The hydrogen atom separated from the water molecules can be converted further into hydrocarbon fuels, metal hydride, hydrogen gas or the methanol.

Provision of Environmental Benefits

The Solar fuel includes the storing and transportation of the sunshine by compressing it through a technical process. This will provide the beneficial effects of both the fossil fuels as well as renewable energy. The experts are looking forward to using them in solar run cars too. The fuel derived from the solar energy will help in supporting the vehicles and the power plants. The research shows that the day is not far away when the fuel will be supplied through the pipeline instead of wires.

Storage of the Miracle Energy

The IT giant Bill Gates who has invested nearly $1 billion in the scientific discoveries related to solar-energy rates the Solar Fuel as the “energy miracle.” He believes that this renewable-energy source will help in cutting down the greenhouse-gas emissions and supporting the electricity and other requirements. Moreover, the solar fuel will help in shifting entirely towards the renewable energy in the coming years. The reason is that this form of energy is fit for transportation to third-world countries and storage for later use.

Large Step towards Curbing Global Warming

The renewable energy is the answer to the curbing the problems of climate change and global warming that is affecting the health of people across the globe. The Solar Fuel has come up as an answer to this persistent problem. India, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia are also becoming the suppliers of Solar fuels to the European and Western countries. This will help in curbing the menace that has overpowered nearly every developed nation on the global platform.

The Final Verdict is that India is a land with an enormous source of renewable energy that can sustain for a long time. The Solar Energy being in abundance is a key to meeting the future needs of the coming generation.

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