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The Indian investors in the Solar Power projects are now turning against the dumping of the solar modules from the China and other countries at lower prices. This has shaken the Indian market badly as they are getting cheap equipments. Moreover, in the latest updates from the Indian government, the authorities seek for the anti-dumping duty in order to curb this problem. This will further help the Indigenous solar panels, modules’ developers to expand their selling, and buying the market.

Insight into the Anti-dumping Duty

The Indian authorities have recommended the imposing of the anti-dumping duty on the solar panels and modules being imported from the Chinese dealers. The authority is against the cheap Chinese products that are imported at lesser prices from China. These are sold at a less price and quoted below the cost of production too.

Major companies in India have also filed a petition against the Chinese companies that are selling the products to Indian companies. Nearly 12 cases have been filed so far, and the investigations are under process. Moreover, the domestic industries have faced the material losses due to the dumping practices of China in the first half of this year. According to few reports, some of the manufacturers are against the implementation of the anti-dumping duty as this increase the tariff of equipments. Many solar plants have their bidding under process so this anti-dumping duty is going to affect it too.

Encouragement to Domestic Solar Market

The government supports the selling and buying of the solar panels and modules in the domestic market. Therefore, many investors from the Indian market have invested in the power plants. Even few Indian companies are manufacturing the solar panels and modules in the country and selling to other power plants located in India. This will help the investors to purchase the material at competent prices.

This will also help in the completion of the solar power projects, as the Government of India will set up the tariffs. These solar power plants are made technically sound and effective so that the operational experiences become seamless that will help in the growth of the solar power plants. The companies developing the solar equipments are now getting loans at cheaper rates that will help them to buy the necessary material from the market. The better return on energy investments will further help them to pay back their loans and make more money out of these solar power projects.

Lastly, this is the responsibility of the government to look after the finances to be provided to the domestic solar panels and module manufacturers. The survey suggests that most of the Indian manufacturers still import the panels and modules from the Chinese dealers. The reason is that the Indian market is still on the path of growth so the manufactured solar panels are not cheap in the Indian market. Even the implementation of the anti-dumping duty has further raised the eyebrows of few industrialists, as they have to shell more money on imports of these solar panels and modules.

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