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The Solar Power is seen as one of the most favorable sources for the generation of electricity and the cleanest form of energy too. The newest technological changes in the solar power area have made it easier for the people to afford the solar panels, solar cells, etc. for the residential and the commercial purposes. The newer changes and innovations have made a great breakthrough in its application and the usage of the solar power technology. Let us have a look at some of the new technologies being introduced in this sector:

Usage of Solar Batteries

The solar batteries have gained popularity with its introduction in the market in the present time. Tesla first launched the solar battery product that gained popularity in the American market and afterward the popularity of batteries spread across the globe. This product was quite expensive when it was introduced in the market. With the expansion of solar power usage, the prices are said to come down, and people can afford these solar batteries for commercial and residential use.

Turning the Solar Spectrum into Electricity

It is the latest development in the energy sector as the team of researchers was successful in combining the inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals into the organic modules. Moreover, the two-low energy photons were converted into one higher-energy photon. The absorption of the photon is done by the photovoltaic cells, which in return generates electricity with the usage of the light.

Installation of the Floating Solar Panels

Many countries face the shortage of land for the installation of the solar panels or constructing of solar farms for power generation. For solving this situation, the renowned French company Ciel& Terre International is developing the floating solar panels that can be installed on the quarry lakes, hydroelectric dam reservoirs, drinking water reservoirs and irrigation canals. This system can be installed and dismantle easily as it is recyclable, cost-effective, eco-friendly and has a lower environmental impact.

Using the Concentrated PV Cells

The PV cells were brought to employ for storing the solar energy but the latest concentrated PV cells have become more successful in converting the sun’s energy into the electricity. This will help in increasing the concentration of light on these PV cells, and these cells will not even melt. This helps in increasing the electricity level up to five times. The main benefit of intense PV cells is that it uses the large lens of light to concentrate on the small PV semiconductor material. This helps in reduction of the cost, and assists in concentrating the sun’s radiation up to 2,000 times and the conversion of 80% into useful energy.

Lastly, the introduction of many newer technologies for generation of electricity with the help of solar power will help in cutting down on cost and will help in generating the power that can support the full country. Moreover, this cleaner source of energy assures better return on investments to the investors as the Solar Energy is going to become one of the economic sources of energy for the people.

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