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With the existing technologies for the generation and storing of solar power here comes the new invention from the researchers from Finland, i.e. the Solar Energy- Harvesting Trees. The scientists from the VTT Technical Research Center, which is the leading research center in the Nordic countries. The harvesting trees are kind of prototype that helps in gathering up of the solar energy from the sun. This will help in supporting the smaller devices for utilizing the solar power.

How Does Harvesting trees Work?

The Solar Energy powered Harvesting Trees will be capable to use the kinetic energy from the environment. These prototype plants will be able to generate energy that is stored in its leaves. Moreover, the solar energy is found in abundance so this will help in fulfilling the power-generation needs of the countries across the globe.

The leaves of the Harvesting trees are flexible and patterned with the solar panels. These are made by VTT using the special printing techniques. This research center in Finland is renowned for their innovative solutions. The trunk of the tree is designed by using the wood-based biomaterial, but its solar panels are developed like leaves that make them unique. The power capacity of these plastic solar panels can be doubled or tripled, as they are made efficient for the solar power generation. Here are some of the points that throw light on the Harvest Tree:

  • These fitted 3D leaves make a beautiful surrounding since they are attached to the wires. It is used as a converter that converts the solar energy into power.
  • These trees provide the electricity to the thermometers, environment analyzing sensors, LED Lamps and the mobile devices.
  • With the full utilization of these solar-enabled harvest trees, it can help in providing power to the mesh network. This wireless network will render assistance for monitoring the weather and fire in the forest regions.

Seamless Tapping of the Solar Power

The Solar Energy Harvest Trees helps in the tapping of the solar power without any hassles. The scientists have found them to be the cleanest and the easiest source for storing the solar energy. These botanical trees are going to become the cleanest means for the saving and usage of the renewable energy. The researchers have come up with the idea of Solar Enabled Trees because they cover less space as compared to the Solar Panels or the PVs. These Solar Harvesting Trees consists of the following:

  • LEDs and the Batteries
  • Nanoleaves
  • Piezoelectric Ribbons
  • Usage of Stems for connecting the Nanoleaves

The process for this forest of power includes charging the batteries during the daytime that helps in storage and further usage during nighttime or cloudy days. The LEDs helps in indicating about the charging left in the tree.

To conclude, the face of generating the solar power energy is undergoing a change every moment. The introduction of Solar Fuels and the Harvesting Trees has made the usage of renewable energy fully. Further, these resources will help in the generation of the sufficient amount of electricity.