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For us, being sustainable implies conducting business and, at parallel, contributing to the economic and social progress of the communities where we operate, taking into account its environmental impact while fostering stable relationships with the key stakeholders. The board of directors approves the policy and the corporate social responsibility strategy.
Keeping a relentless focus on sustainability is of prime importance to us. We believe in doing simple business, reducing complexities and increasing energy efficiency. Long term investment and interest in society, environment and shareholders is what makes us achieve sustainability success. Our commitment to developing sustainable business is based on core concerns: financial viability, governance integrity and sound environmental and social performance. This business model and investment philosophy, together with a streamlined corporate governance structure, has enabled AMPL Cleantech to grow and lead in the renewable arena.
Our core objective is to reduce energy use by increasing energy efficiency in our operations. By doing so we are helping to minimize environmental impacts and thereby provide economic benefits. The technology and systems that are used in our business could improve energy usage. We ensure that our investments adhere to strict social and environmental standards. We will constantly strive to improve efficiency and productivity through learning, sharing, and implementing best code of practices.
We aim to bring major changes in communities and societies impacting people’s wellbeing, culture, health and overall livelihood. We will maintain high ethical standards, follow all applicable regulations and respect local and national cultures and practices. We believe in recruiting workforce from the local community in which we operate, to improve their standards of living and raise their incomes.
In order to achieve the envisioned change, AMPL Cleantech has placed a focus on increasing the use of renewable energies and improving energy efficiency. We can only retain our ability to continue operating if we keep the faith and trust of our partners and society at large in the AMPL Cleantech domain. We aspire to achieve our goals by perfect execution of our business plan, streamlined strategy and investment philosophy.